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What does life insurance cover?

Life insurance is a way of helping your family cope financially when you die. It is intended to provide financial assistance to your loved ones when they are unable to rely on your salary or income any longer.

The pay-out can be used to clear the mortgage, clear debts or just cover those everyday expenses. It could even pay for your funeral if you haven’t set money aside for this.

Should I bother with life insurance?

If you are single with no dependants, then life insurance is not as important for you, however it may still be worth considering.

If you have a partner or family who may struggle to cope financially if you were suddenly no longer around, then life insurance could offer the help they need at a very difficult time.

Can I get life insurance through my employer?

It depends, some employers offer death-in-service benefit – which pays out a lump sum, usually four times your annual salary if you die whilst in employment.

While it can be a valuable benefit, you may need to take out additional cover depending on certain factors, such as how much you owe on your mortgage, as well as any financial provisions for your dependants’ future. It is also worth noting that the insurance is only valid whilst you remain in that companies employment.

What is term insurance?

Term policies, are the most common type of life insurance, and they only pay out if you die within the ‘term stated within your policy. For example, if you take out a policy for 25 years, your family can claim if you die during this 25-year period.

However, if you die after this term then there would be no pay-out.

Does the pay-out stay the same no matter when you die?

A cheaper alternative is a policy called decreasing term insurance, where the pay-out gradually becomes smaller over the years.

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If, for example, you choose a decreasing level policy, then it is often linked to a repayment mortgage because the amount you owe the lender also decreases over time.

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